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Martin Soulreader

Born and educated in England, Martin is a powerful healer, teacher and soul communicator. As a divine channel, he shares his divine healing power and abilities, including the authority to offer a deep connection with your soul and your natural essence has a spiritual master. His role is empower people to heal themselves, enlighten themselves and to serve humanity and Mother Earth. Martin enjoys sharing spiritual wisdom and practical healing techniques.  As a Divine Direct Soul Communicator he is able to act in his capacity as a midwife for your soul by creating the energies required to empower you with a deeper soul connection. He can see through the many layers of your psyche and gently pass through them, each layer is touched with healing energies and you are empowered with the positive elements of your soul experiences.In short Martin is a spiritual alchemist. 

Chantelle Renee
Conscious awakener, Spiritual mentor, Angel therapist, Intuitive energy healer, Spiritual coach, Writer, Alchemist. 

Chantelle since childhood knew she had a mission to inspire a spiritual awakening within each of us, empowering us to keep the divine spark ignited within. Assisting the awakening of humanity and reconnecting us to each other, nature and the universe. Helping us to remember our divine birthright of Love, Health, Happiness, Prosperity, Peace, and Joy. She has a great passion in helping the youth with learning self-love at a young age setting the foundation for a strong confident life path.

Currently living in the USA, Chantelle offers personal Angel tarot readings, Distant healing and Custom to your needs spiritual healing/coaching sessions.
In person, Skype, phone or Facebook messenger.